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Nomination Deadline 2nd July

When submitting your entries please try to give as much relevant and concise information as possible. This will enable the judges to fully understand your nomination, and to assess it fairly against other nominations. Three things to be considered are:

1. Up to six photographs may be submitted to support your application. (Please email your pictures to 


2. If a leaflet, flyer or newsletter supports the nomination, you may submit it – but we will only accept one item per entry.

3. The character limits include spaces (2000 words overall). We have detailed the criteria we are looking for in each category. Please ensure you provide information for each of these criteria. It is against these that the judges will be marking each application.

Click here to view the Categories and Criteria for the Tpas Awards 2021.

Please click on the category you want to enter below and fill in the sections on the category form and submit.

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